Wednesday, June 21, 2006

I think that I have this blogging figured out, at least a little. So, now I believe that I can give you all (anyone that would like to add postings like mine not just comments) detailed instructions on how to do so.
Hello everyone I wanted to introduce myself to all of the family. I came into this world on March 7, 2006 weighing in at 8lbs & 11oz. I am tall like my mommy standing (laying or sitting up) at 20.5 inches. I live in New Jersey these days with my mommy Suzanne & daddy John. We are having a great time up here and hope to be able to see everyone soon.
We will be visiting Grandma Margaret (Holbrook) & Grandpa Allen Couch as well as the rest of the Holbrook & Couch families in Coeburn very shortly. If any of you Holbrook's are in town please stop by and see me. I would love to meet you all. I think that it is a lot of fun to see the adults make funny faces at me and I just love other kids.
Introducing for the first time to the Holbrook Family......
Lucas Allen Viselli

And I thought that I would throw in a picture of the whole family....

Rita Holbrook Goodnough at the reunion held in the Summer of 2005. This was at Shirley (Holbrook) & Joel's house, Caney Ridge, Coeburn, VA. If you weren't there you missed out, because there were a lot of little skits that were performed by the Holbrook clan for the Holbrook clan. This picture of course shows the 1950's.

S. Michael "Butch" Goodnough (married to Rita Holbrook) Also in 1950's style clothing reliving the "Good 'Ol Days".

I think that we went from the 1920's up to present day with several different people taking part in the activities. I was in the 70's and helped out with the singing of "YMCA". It really was a lot of fun. I do not have anymore pictures of the reunion on here right now or I would add them, too. I will have to look through my picture box to see if I have anymore. If I do it will not be a problem to scan them and add them to another post.
Please don't think that I am just posting pictures of my family because I like them more...that is simply not the case. I just have pictures of them, he he he.

Hey everyone! I haven't put a picture up in a while and I am not sure that I remember how to do it, he he he. So, I am hoping to post a picture of me and my daughter Jolie. If this works then I still know how to do it and I can tell you guys how, but if it doesn't I guess I will have to read the instructions (I hate that, don't you?!!).

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Hello Holbrooks!!

I thought I would get this space started. This will give us a place to chat about the next Family Reunion and anything else that you care to share with each other and the world.

I am really excited about our next reunion. I hope that it will be as great as the last reunion at Shirley & Joel's house.

Honestly, I am not sure when the next reunion is scheduled to take place? 3 years, 5 years, 10 years or 15 years?? I just have no idea. I am also not sure who is supposed to be the planner of the next fine event? If anyone has stepped up to the plate on this one please let us know who you are so we can all chat with you.

This should and could be a great place to get in touch with everyone (or almost everyone these days with all of the computers around). It is also cheaper than sending out tons of letters (no postage, no paper, no ink and no waste, right!).

If anyone out there has any pictures from the last reunion 2005 that you would like to share, please feel free to post them right on here so everyone can see.

I would love for this space to be used for the reunion and to keep us all informed of the important moments in each others lives. I know that most of us do not live that close together anymore and the distance can make it hard to keep up with who's who and what's what. I hope that this area of cyberspace will help with the distance.

Thank you for taking the time to view the new HOLBROOK cyberspace place!!!


Holly (Sam Holbrook, Sr's Grand Daughter)